Monday, January 30, 2012

First 2 issues Printing in Less than 24hours

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, but it was for a good reason! I'm working extra hard on completing issue number 3, I'm on page 16 of that issue, and here is a sneak peak to tide you over. This image is of pages 10 & 11 entitled “A dark vision”

Also we have the first 2 issues printing and shipping this Tuesday Jan the 31st! yay this includes the character cards and posters for the backer rewards. I am working very hard in order to get as much of Issue number 3 completed before my wife and I’s little bundle of joy arrives, which can literally be any day now! Woo Hoo!...I like this > ! if you haven’t noticed lol. Anyway thank you guys so much for your patience I can’t wait to share these first 2 issues with all of you, have a great week.

The Spotlight
I am starting a new feature which will highlight or “Spotlight” great projects that I think you guys will really dig. This Month’s Spotlight project will be from “Hardcore Luchadorby Angelo Gines and Chris Smith, it a great project that I think you guys will all love and I personally can’t wait to check it out! Promo Video

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year Guys!

Happy New Year Guys!

Well I got in the proofs for the first 2 issues and I must say it is such a surreal experience to hold the actual comic books in my hands. There a few little technical tweaks I have to make along with the inserts for the insides of the front and back cover (which are done, they just haven’t been uploaded) and we should be good for the first projection run! I’ll post images as soon as I get the first run in my hands!
If you haven’t reserved a copy via Kickstarter you can message me via kickstarter or facebook.

Thanks again!