Friday, June 22, 2012

Line art for Issue 4 is complete!

Happy Friday Guys!

I have finally completed the line art for issue number 4 of the kingdom! This issue was actually 24 pages long, instead of the usually 22 which I feel will become the norm for the last 3 issues. I had a lot of fun with this one, and cant wait till it goes to print.

I decided the first version of this issues cover was boring, for one and didnt really look like Pale so I redid that as well (see above) and Im really happy with the way it came out. I hope you guys enjoy the sneak peak of the the cover, and will help me out by sharing this post on your facebooks!

Always trying to spread the word about the project!
Thanks Guys!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Morning All you beautiful backers!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, however it is due to my made dash to completing issue number 4 as well as some other big news.

I am very happy to announce the official launch of the Kingdom website where you’ll be able to purchase all 6 books as they are completed. The first 3 are available now! (I’m working on a shopping cart that will combine shipping, please bar with me ^_^.  Issue 3 has arrived and will be going out to the higher level kickstarters, so look for it in your mail box within the next week!
I want to thank Chris Smith of for lending his great graphic design and programming skills to getting the site up and running!

Finally I want to feature an incredible important Kickstarter project by my friend Noel Burns who publishes the Kingdom as well as several other fantastic Titles. He is on a mission to bring Indie comics to Brick and Mortar stores all over the country which would really revolutionize the industry and allow books that would otherwise fall through the cracks share the same shelf space as the big boys, I really hope you guys will check out his Kickstarter and support what he is trying to do, thanks again to everyone!

I’ll post an update as soon as issue 4 is complete, until than keep being awesome!