Friday, February 22, 2013

The Hunt Begins...

Hello Boys and Girls, its been too long! I hope this update finds you all rested and well. 

Few things to update you guys on. Firstly Kingdom Issue 5 is complete! The book is being proofed for grammar and should be ready for print in the next few days. Which leads me to my next update and inspiration for the blog title. Unfortunately IC Geeks has closed their doors for good. It was one of those things that was too good to last and we are all sorry to see it go, Noel is a great guy and I wish him all the best! That being said, I have to look for a new printer to print Issues 5 and 6 T.T If anyone knows of a high quality printer that wont break the bank please let me know!

Finally i'll end on some good news ^_^

As some of you may know I have been working on two titles at the same time. I am finishing up Kingdom and starting a new Mini Series called "Vamped" with writer Donny Broussard. I have completed the first issue of Vamped as well, and I am already 5 pages into issue 2 so stay tuned for more updates on that title as well. 

Thanks everybody and have a great friday!

ps. Oh and always heres a little sneak peak of issue 5 to wet your whistles!