Friday, October 12, 2012

Where Dat dudes been at?

Hey Guys

Sorry for I've been aways from the blog...

Q.Where you been at?

A. Well I'm glad you asked uh hum I mean "Axed" I have been working on the 5th issue of the Kingdom over the last 4 weeks and I have just 4 more pages of line art before the book is ready for color! So I am very excited about that.

preview of issue 5 cover art

Q. But what about issue 4?

A. Issue four has been completed for sometime now and we are having a release party this Saturday with two fantastic artist that I have the pleasure of calling me friends: Kody Chamberlin of "Sweets" and Rob Guillory of "Chew" will be at the release party for issue 4 so make sure you guys come by and say hi!

Q. Whats next?

A. I am currently in pre-production for a new comic book series being written by Donny Broussard called "Vamped". Vamped is a fun filled vampire tale told through the eyes of Nerd and will be filled full of fun nerd culture references while telling a fun horror story!

Sneak Peak of Vamped issue 1 cover art!

Oh and one last thing guys, I'll be at New Orleans Comic con with a table this year, more details on that in the next post!

Thanks again guys!